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The bi-Cube product suite is already firmly established in the field of Identity and Access Management, but is now well on its way to becoming an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system too. With its comprehensive function package, the sophisticated bi-Cube software has long stood out from the offerings of other providers, thanks to its flexibility and ability to handle a wide range of different challenges. The ability to incorporate a number of different functions into your bi-Cube installation removes the need for individual solutions, while the software’s modular structure is highly flexible, making it an attractive option for both large and mid-sized enterprises. bi-Cube was originally designed for the specific tasks of managing user data and access permissions and generally improving IT security, but it has now been expanded into something even more powerful: a system that almost completely automates your internal IT processes and that offers a range of add-ons to support entire departments or project teams in a goal-oriented way.
This means that bi-Cube already provides many aspects of ESM. Examples include device management (itself an element of asset management), extensive user self-service functionality and, in the context of ITSM, a request process for virtual machines, whether in-house or in Azure AD. These alone already take bi-Cube functionality well beyond that of a simple IAM, but bi-Cube goes further still, with additional functions not usually found in an Identity and Access Management system: functions such as absence management or team management with integrated document control.

To find out more about bi-Cube, either as an IAM or an ESM, just get in touch! Or feel free to request a personalized webinar.

IAM Notebook

More than just Identity and Access Management

bi-Cube IAM was developed as a kind of hub for master data, with the aim of not only providing the usual IAM functions but also ensuring that all data and users across the organization are consistent and up-to-date. This not only underpins a range of IAM processes but is also important for aspects of Enterprise Service Management. In conjunction with its user self-service portal, bi-Cube as an ESM is an excellent basis on which to develop your corporate ITSM and asset management. bi-Cube ensures the consistent management of locations, managers, objects and services, while also providing life-cycle processes for users and objects, and a wide range of reports.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

  • Master data management
  • User self-service portal
  • ITSM
  • bi-Cube IAM
  • Non-IAM functions
  • DMS
  • Asset management
  • Data hub
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