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SecuIAM – sophisticated, flexible, modular

SecuIAM Funktionen

SecuIAM is well-known as a flexible IT solution providing a wide range of IAM and non-IAM functionality. Its modular structure makes it easy to integrate into existing customer systems. In addition, SecuIAM is highly adaptable to individual customer requirements. With its many optional add-ons such as absence management, Single Sign-On, pool resources and team space, to name just a few, SecuIAM goes well beyond the usual functionality of an IAM. You can find out about the various SecuIAM solutions here. If you can’t see the functions you require or if you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

Customer Identity and Access Management (C-IAM)

A C-IAM is a simplified form of Identity and Access Management system. Its main focus is the management of identities, along with access control and software security. Customer Identity and Access Management systems are generally intended for high numbers of users, even into the millions.

As the name suggests, the system is provided in a business-to-consumer environment. The simplest form of C-IAM mainly focuses on the registration and logon processes giving users access to the various business applications. As a sophisticated IAM, SecuIAM fully meets the requirements of a Customer Identity and Access system.

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