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Identity & Access Management from the cloud

Identity & Access Management, IAM for short, primarily deals with the administration of users, user access, other types of permissions, and resources. Every member of staff needs specific permissions in line with their position and/or job role, allowing them to use particular programs or access specified drives, for example. So long as your employee numbers remain manageable your IT staff can easily handle this manually, but in mid-sized to large enterprises the assignment and removal of permissions is invariably a challenge.

An IAM system supports your internal IT with functions for assigning permissions and controlling access. In addition to this administrative function, it generally also increases security, since staff are only given the permissions they actually need for their respective jobs and have them withdrawn again if they no longer need them or leave the company. This is even more attractive when the various processes can be managed anywhere and anytime. A cloud solution makes this possible.

It is not only its comprehensive functionality – role model, resource manager, document server or team management, for example – that make SecuIAM stand out.

Now it is also available as an IAM cloud solution too: SecuIAM smart. This specialist internet application provides secure, economical and resource-saving management of all your user-related admin tasks.

Hybrid solution with no need to outsource

Thanks to the SecuIAM hub, our hybrid cloud architecture means you can also provision your internal IT systems such as Active Directory, SAP, etc.

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  • Time savings mean cost savings
  • Orderly business processes
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  • Resource savings
  • Fast implementation
  • Ability to build up gradually

Permissions whenever they are required

With SecuIAM, whether on your premises or from the cloud, you can automate a large number of processes, especially those relating to the user life-cycle. A good example is employee entry and exit: right from their first day, new staff members need to have account data, access and permissions in line with their job functions. When they leave the company or change department, those permissions must be either withdrawn or modified. SecuIAM handles all this almost wholly automatically on the basis of its role-modeling, the user’s personal data and its internal model of the organizational structure. Stored dates tell the process when to start, and the required approval requests are then sent automatically to the relevant manager or other person specified in the process.

Where all this used to have to be done by hand – a painstaking and highly time-consuming task – the IAM system now deals with it from start to finish. Automating permissions assignment on the basis of the business processes used in the enterprise not only saves an enormous amount of time but, thanks to SecuIAM’s sophisticated reporting system, also ensures that all actions are traceable, thereby aiding compliance. The automatic, rule-based withdrawal of permissions improves internal security enormously.

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